Chicken & Small animal boarding

Chicken and small animal boarding

Chicken & Small animal boarding

Chickens welcome!

Chicken Boarding

Our Chicken boarding service here at PetsAdventures provides complete peace of mind that your hens are being cared for to a high standard in your absence.

Your hens will be housed in their own Eglu style Cosy range chicken house with a run for the duration of their stay so they are kept safe.

Your hens will be fed high quality layers pellets  and receive afternoon treats of corn and greens.


Prices from  – 4 chickens per coop £5.00 per day.


Rabbit / Guinea Pig

Your pet will be well looked after in a happy,clean and cosy environment.  Your Rabbit or Guinea pig will be given dedicated love,attention and cuddles during their stay with PetsAdventures.

They will be housed in their own Eglu style Cosy range house for their stay where they will have toys and tunnels to entertain them.

Prices from – 2 rabbits / Guinea pig per run £5.00 per day.


Included – Food, fresh bedding, hay, fresh greens and treats.


Up to date vaccinations against VHD and myxomatosis is required.

Other small animals are very welcome.